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Cicero Greathouse


Cicero Greathouse is an abstract painter who resides in Orlando, Florida and San Miguel de Allende, México. He was born in Japan but Florida became home upon his father retiring from the U.S. Army and relocating the family to Orlando from Heidelberg, Germany.

After serving in the U.S. Marine Corps in Vietnam, Cicero pursued a lifelong interest in art that led him to become an art major in college. Greathouse earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Florida Atlantic University at Boca Raton. Since then, his professional art and employment history has been wide-ranging. Greathouse has exhibited his work widely in the Southeast USA as well as Europe and México. His work is in numerous public and private collections. Greathouse has also received several individual artist grants. While always maintaining his own studio, Greathouse was employed as an Illustrator of Instructional Media, a draftsman and designer for several architectural firms and as a Production Designer and Senior Art Director for a major entertainment company. Cicero now practices his art full time at his studios in Florida and Mexico.

See Cicero's Resume for details of his career.

Artist Statement

"Becoming an artist is the result of some of my earliest aspirations. I recall drawing and creating images early and have never stopped. I went on to pursue formal art training and graduated form Florida Atlantic University. Stylistically, abstract painting became my focus. It is the concept and the object which are the foundation upon which art is built and that is the focus and reason behind my work. I experiment with ideas, imagery, color, techniques and materials. These are a stimulating source of inspiration.

Occasionally, I am asked about my abstract paintings and what they refer to or where they 'come from.' I am inspired by the colors, shapes and textures that surround me. These three elements can be found in landscape, architecture, a ritual or a journey. So in this case my paintings 'come from' my interpretation of living. I also rely on my intuition and the process of working with different media. I observe how various media react to other materials. And through this observation the painting is revealed."

Cicero Greathouse